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“Kareena Kapoor” is one of the most promising actresses of Indian Film Industry. She belongs to the Influential and famous “Kapoor” family, which has given some of the great actors to the Indian Cinema. Kareena Kapoor entered Bollywood at a time when her sister “Karishma Kapoor”, one of the famous actresses in Bollywood, decided to leave films. Kareena Kapoor is a successful actress and has everything that is required to stay among the top actresses in Bollywood.

She has a huge fan-following. Her fans can be found, not only in India but in various other countries of the world as well. There are various websites available on the Internet which offers videos of this stunning actress. She is among the most searched for Indian celebrities on the web, as reported by various Internet search engines. There are a number of her fans who daily keep on searching for her videos featuring her in various songs, movie clips, social events, parties , award ceremonies , photo shoots etc. Anyone who wants to watch her videos just needs to surf the Internet. There exist endless videos of this charming actress, on the web. One can find unique collections of her videos in which the actress can be seen in her childhood, at an early stage of her career and in her present.